The urinary bladder : structure, functions and clinical aspects

Marur T. , Yıldırım F. G. , Ertaş A.

NOVA Science Publishers Inc. , New York, 2020

  • Publication Type: Book / Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Publisher: NOVA Science Publishers Inc.
  • City: New York



Tania Marur, MD, Güler Kahraman, MD and Ahmet Ertaş, MD

In recent years technical developments in the laparoscopic and robotic surgery in the field of urology require a review of anatomical knowledge from a clinical aspect. One of the organs taking advantage of these recent innovations is the urinary bladder which forms together with the urethra the lower urinary tract. This article presents the detailed anatomy of the bladder including the external and internal features, vasculature and the lymphatic drainage as well as the nerve supply. Clinical relevant anatomy of the autonomic pelvic plexuses consisting of sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers is of great importance to prevent bladder dysfunction following surgery of the pelvic viscera. The urinary bladder is located in the pelvic cavity together with the reproductive organs and rectum. It is essential to understand the topographic anatomy of the pelvic cavity in male and female to avoid any damage to the urinary bladder or adjacent organs during pelvic surgery. This chapter also highlights the structure and innervation of the bladder neck as a separate functional unite which is different in males and females.