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 1994 Marmara University. Gsf master's degree. 1992-1996 Antiquities design and applications for indoor and outdoor uses. 2001 BASAD plastic manufacturers association and Turkish ceramics association, UNESCO AIAP Turkey National Committee 2015 IU TBMYO Handicrafts Department Vice President. 2014 Istanbul is from the University of 2016 Enuygar Accessible Art Workshop and includes business administration programs. 2016-2018 IU. ITF. Department of Psychiatry Art Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation prog. Art Therapist with part training. 2016-2018 IU. Psychiatry Department workshops Inpatient and treatment therapy. Member of the Board of Directors of the Guidance and Counseling unit and the Disability practice and research center ENUYGAR. 2016 IU. He took part in the Organizing Committee of the Conferences and Congresses of the Disabled. 2014-2019 Organized corporate and disability accessibility projects and special workshops İstanbul Univ. Organized accessible and therapeutic workshops at congresses and conferences. 2013-2016 Istanbul, within the scope of the Sustainable Project, Marmaray, affiliated to the Rail Systems Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality of Ist. At the same time, as an academician and ceramic artist, T.C. See Culture. He is the owner of the State Award in Ceramics, a medal and a certificate of appreciation from the President of Cyprus, and awards and achievement certificates given by different state and private institutions. His works are in museums. 2017 Culture Look. Organized with the support of Turkey's Marmara Division. He was chosen among the masters who devoted themselves to traditional arts and took place in the inventory book. Executive in national and international projects as a project owner. Two installation projects were selected to be exhibited at the Yeditepe Biennial and exhibited at the Archeology Museum. His works are in national and international collections. As a national and international project coordinator, he continues to conduct seminars and workshops. After Istanbul University, he contributed to the education and training of Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa for 25 years. He still continues to give lectures at Istanbul University- Cerrahpaşa, Hayef Education Faculty, TBMYO Ceramics and Glass design and Graphics department.




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