Coronavirus disease: from molecular to clinical perspectives

Üzel M., Taştan Ö. A.

NOVA Science Publishers Inc. , New York, 2021

  • Publication Type: Book / Vocational Book
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Publisher: NOVA Science Publishers Inc.
  • City: New York


The system most affected by the corona virus disease (COVID-19) is the respiratory system. Typical symptoms of the disease and most of the diagnostic and treatment interventions are related to the respiratory system. In this chapter, we address the basic anatomy of the respiratory system, the anatomical background of some of the respiratory-system-related symptoms of the disease, basic clinical anatomy of some of the diagnostic interventions, and shed some light on the rationale behind some of the clinical interventions applied during the treatment of the disease. In this chapter, readers will find basic clinical anatomy information about of the nasopharyngeal sampling, tracheostomy, pulmonary volumes and capacities, and effects of the prone position on the prognosis of the patients.