Construction & Building Technology includes resources that provide information on the physical features and design of structures (e.g., buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels) and the materials used to construct them (concrete, cement, steel). Other topics covered in this category include heating and air conditioning, energy systems, and indoor air quality.


Engineering, Civil includes resources on the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures and ground facilities for industry, occupancy, transportation, use and control of water, and harbor facilities. Resources also may cover the sub-fields of structural engineering, geotechnics, earthquake engineering, ocean engineering, water resources and supply, marine engineering, transportation engineering, and municipal engineering.


Engineering, Electrical & Electronic covers resources that deal with the applications of electricity, generally those involving current flows through conductors, as in motors and generators. This category also includes resources that cover the conduction of electricity through gases or a vacuum as well as through semiconducting and superconducting materials. Other relevant topics in this category include image and signal processing, electromagnetics, electronic components and materials, microwave technology, and microelectronics.


Engineering, Multidisciplinary covers resources having a general or interdisciplinary approach to engineering. Relevant topics include computer science and mathematics in engineering, engineering education, reliability studies, and audio engineering.


Mechanics includes resources that cover the study of the behavior of physical systems under the action of forces. Relevant topics in this category include fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, gas mechanics, mathematical modeling (chaos and fractals, finite element analysis), thermal engineering, fracture mechanics, heat and mass flow and transfer, phase equilibria studies, plasticity, adhesion, rheology, gravity effects, vibration effects, and wave motion analysis.

Engineering, Computing & Technology (ENG)