Industry 4.0 Research Group is a multidisciplinary research group that carries out studies on smart products, smart materials, smart systems, smart manufacturing systems, smart factories/dark factories, IoT, IIoT, artificial intelligence applications with the concept of university-industry cooperation. It works with the principles of university-industry-state cooperation to produce solutions to the demands/needs of industry and society, create a value chain and transform scientific studies into innovation. It has academic projects, industrial application projects, articles, papers, and patent/utility model studies on the components that form Industry 4.0. The scientific outputs produced by our research group are presented not only in academic settings, but also to all community components through national/international platforms.


It has academic studies in many fields, such as smart products, smart systems, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, deep learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, image processing, cybersecurity, smart algorithms, information security/cryptology, autonomous vehicles, İHA, LoRaWAN, etc. R&D and innovation activities on Industry 4.0 applications in the fields of furniture, white appliances, automotive, machinery, electrical-electronics, energy, sustainable natural resource management, Forestry 4.0, and smart cities are progressing well.