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Polymer-Pharmaceutical-Reproduction Biotechnologies Research Group; is a multidisciplinary group which comes together with three main disciplines. Our research group is occured under the Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa and Istanbul University;

  • The founding members of Polymer Biotechnology Group; Prof. Saadet Kevser Pabuccuoğlu, Asst.Prof. Mehmet Koray Gök (Sub-Department of Chemical Technologies, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa)
  • The founding member of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Group; Prof. Erdal Cevher (Department of Pharmaceutical Technologies, Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul University)
  • The founding members of Reproduction Biotechnology Group; Prof. Serhat Pabuccuoğlu and Assoc.Prof. Kamber Demir (Department of Reproduction and Artificial İnsemination, Faculty of Veterinary, Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa).

On December 15, 2006, our group was started to work together with the acceptance of the first BAP multidisciplinary Project of Istanbul University. Until todays, we have accomplished several binary or triple multidisciplinary studies. Moreover, the first reviewed patent which belongs to Istanbul University, was taken with the product which produced from the first BAP multidisciplinary Project as mentioned above.

We set up this website for announce our projects which have realized about the use of the polymeric, lipophilic or inorganic materials in reproductive biotechnology-nanobiotechnology, to the esteemed researchers and to be in colloboration on the national and international projects. We are waiting for your application in the “contact us” page about the master-doctorate studies, collaboration on national-international studies, drug-veterinary drug application studies.