Our group that will carry out multidisciplinary studies for preventing obesity in children and youth, aims to combat obesity with an innovative approach. In this regard,

-Children and youth under risk of obesity will be screened, and healthy diet and exercise plans will be adjusted for those children.

-Children at risk will also receive psychotherapy support to change their established basic habits by evaluating them in terms of psychological trauma which is the reason for their tendency to obesity.

-By carrying out studies to increase their psychological resilience and flexibility, they will be supported to maintain the healthy life changes they have gained.

-It is aimed to raise awareness of proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in children and youths, and also to qualify them as trainers providing a certificate program.

-Volunteer youth who deserve the certificate will work as "peer educators" by educating individuals of similar age groups, with the consent of their families.

-Peer educators, as a part of the research group, will play a crucial role in achieving sustainability of the project. Moreover, youth employment will be created in this way.

-Biochemical, microbiological, genetic and auxological data obtained within the scope of these activities will be presented in the scientific platform.

- Various scientific activities made multidisipliner studies about Obesity and Diabetes Association and publications were done by our group leader who is also Turkey Coordinator of Health Behavior in School-Aged Children (HBSC) multinational study sponsored by WHO.