Biomaterials & Nanotechnology Research Group is a multidisciplinary project group carrying out research-development and innovation studies in the areas of nanotechnology and biomaterials/green materials.


Main research areas cover nanotechnology, biomaterials, green materials, composites, thermal analysis, Industry 4.0, bioenergy, innovation, entrepreneurship, research, and development.


Our projects deal with nanocomposites/bionanocomposites, biomaterials, applications of nanotechnology in the furniture/wood/adhesive industry, bioadhesives, nanoparticle reinforced adhesive, and wood-based composites, Industry 4.0, smart products, bioenergy, thermal characterization of materials (DMTA, TMA, TGA, DTA, DSC). Also, R&D and innovation studies are continuing on the applications of lignocellulosic bionanomaterials such as nanocellulose and nanolignin in the fields of medicals, pharmaceutical, energy, composites, food, electronics.