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Green Roof Research Program at Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa (IUCGRP) has started in 2006. After 5 years of intensive research, a research facility was established in Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry Campus. Green Roof Research at Istanbul University. Funding of this facilty was held by Istanbul University Scientific Research Projects Department. Construction process was started in July 2010 and completed in September 2010.

First phase of the study was started in 2010. Main objectives of this research was to establish the very first green roof test site in Istanbul and to provide scientific knowledge about the performance of the green roofs in Istanbul climate. Water and energy balance of green roofs were investigated from building to environmental scale. Therefore, thermal properties and stormwater characteristics of a typical extensive green roof in Istanbul climate were determined.

During Second phase of research (2012 - 2015), studies focused on influence of substrate depth and type on plant survival and growth. In addition, native species were included to the experimental pattern.

In 2016, third phase of the project was started with the fund provided by TUBITAK and research focused on adapting locally availiable or waste materials as green roof substrates and native plant species as well.
Studies in Green Roof Research Site still continues with the help of graduate and undergraduate students. Main research topics are energy conservation, plant growth, stormwater management, substrate selection, native plant species and urban agriculture.