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UN Sustainable Development Goals

 We are pleased to introduce the Air Pollution Research group in Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa (IUCAP). Air pollution and climate change are the two most important and most concerned environmental problems in the world today, and their impact on public health is gaining more and more importance in the present. We need to study further to understand and solve these environmental challenges. For the reason,  from 2005 IUCAP Research Group work on air pollution managegement: air pollutant levels, modelling and mitigation from such as urban, traffic, industrial areas. They are also intensively interested in climate change and conducted studies to estimate the green house gasses produced from cities, campanies and the carbon foot print of  productions produced in the factories in Türkiye. The IUCAP Reserach group leaders are Prof.Dr. Ülkü Alver Şahin and Prof.Dr. Burcu Onat. The main researchers of group are Coşkun Ayvaz and Burcu Uzun and mora than 10 PhD, Master and graduate students are working in the projects. 4 projects are ongoing and many projects have been complated since 2005. They have published over 50 SCI papers, 3 international book chapters, more than 100 proceedings presented at national or international workshops/symposiums. The group researchers are giving more graduate and undergraduate lectures such as: Air Pollution and Control, Determination of Greenhouse Gasses and Mitigations Technology, Air Pollution and Climate Change, Air Pollution Modelling, Urban Air Pollution Management, Particle and Gas Pollutants Control Technology, Environmental Statistics etc.  They organized the “International Workshop on Particulate Matter, Black Carbon and the Effects on Climate Change” in 2019 supported by Newton Fund of UK. They have been collaborating the Atmospheric Research Groups from University of Birmingham and Surrey University in UK from 2019. In present, they are pleased to be as an associated collobrator of the RI-URBAN project funded by HORIZON.