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IUC Artificial Intelligence Research Group, formed by expert academicians and graduate students who are continuing their graduate / doctoral studies, carries out studies on today's popular topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, in terms of neural information processing and learning systems. The aim of the group is to carry out theoretical and practical studies in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to transform the results obtained from these studies into various products with university-industry cooperation, and to present these products to the service of users (scientists, academicians, graduate students, end-users, etc.). Group members aim to contribute to the solution of various problems in our country and / or shed light on new scientific studies.

Algorithms used in neural information processing and learning systems have the features and advantages such as learning, completing missing information, and making decisions that cannot be found in classical methods. Considering today's technologies as the "smart systems", we can conclude that new informatics studies cannot be performed without using neural information processing and learning systems; even if it is carried out, it is obvious that its use will remain at a certain level. Accordingly, the primary goals of this research group are to increase the awareness and recognition of this field and to ensure that artificial intelligence is used more in information technologies. These goals can be achieved thanks to the qualified work of the research group members and the increase in university-industry cooperation. 

IUC-AI Research Group consists of 2 Professors, 5 Associate Professors and a large number of graduate students who carry out theses directed by these academics..