The rapid development of industrialization, increase in production, population growth, the significant increase in people's needs, etc. increase the demand for energy sources. The reduction in existing energy sources, costs, environmental pressure, and legal regulations make it essential to turn to renewable energy sources.

Obtaining energy from natural resources in a sustainable system can be expressed as renewable energy. Renewable energy is obtained from different sources through various methods. These include solar energy, biomass energy, hydrogen energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy. Due to the aforementioned reasons, scientific and industrial researches on renewable energy sources are of great importance.

Renewable Energy Research Group was established to produce scientific output with a multidisciplinary approach and a broad vision and to carry out integrated studies with the industry. Applied researches related to characterization and researching usage possibilities of agricultural / animal wastes, forest wastes, environmental wastes, forest products industry (furniture industry, wood composite panel industry, paper and paper products industry, solid wood industry, door-window-parquet industry, etc.) wastes, textile wastes (cotton, etc.), and food wastes (tea, hazelnuts, etc.), in sustainable energy, are successfully conducted with both academic and the vision of University-Industry collaboration.