Renewable Energy Research Group

Many factors such as the rapid increase of the world population, industrialization, global climate change, urbanization, diversification, and increase of people's needs have revealed significant reductions in natural resources. Also, the natural balance has been damaged. Energy is an indispensable need in human life and the demand for energy increases every year. Industrialization has played an important role here. Today, energy supply is mostly sourced from fossil sources.  However, due to the negative effects mentioned above, renewable energy & sustainable energy concepts come to the fore in developed countries.

There are various resources of renewable energy. These can be summarized as follows:

1) Wind energy

2) Solar energy

3) Biomass energy

4) Hydraulic energy

5) Geothermal energy

6) Wave energy

7) Hydrogen energy

Renewable energy is defined as energy that is obtained sustainably from natural resources. In this context, the topic of renewable energy attracts the attention of both science and industry in terms of sustainable management and use of natural resources, circular economy, carbon footprint / ecological footprint, and energy efficiency. Numerous research activities are carried out in this direction.

Renewable Energy Research Group successfully continues its works with the industry under the main theme of biomass energy, which is an important and strategic place among sustainable energy sources.